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COMP File Compare Utility

       COMP is a handy utility for comparing any two text files. You can find out in a jiffy what changes, additions or deletions have been made in two different versions. You can detect whether any unauthorized or unexpected changes have been made. It can help you to repair a file where an accidental deletion or other change has occurred.

       In less than a second you can find

»   What new members have joined your organization.
»   What items have been added to or removed from inventory.
»   What changes have been made to your contract.
»   What new employees have been hired.
»   What changes have been made to a program or webpage.
»   What items have been added to or removed from an order or invoice.
»   What changes have been made to your schedule, agenda or roster.
»   What editing was done to your manuscript.

It will save you time and worry.

       COMP detects additions, deletions and changes of as little as a single letter, or as much as 50 lines of text. It shows all of the differences in a clear report that indicates the line numbers in both files, and shows both blocks of changed text. Even blank lines are clearly indicated.

       You will wonder how you ever got along without it.

See the COMP User Manual for full details.


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