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The Pascal Macro Compiler is now available for only $84.95. Shipping and handling within the U.S. is FREE. (New York State residents must add applicable sales tax.)

Now you can produce more Pascal code, better Pascal code, and faster Pascal code with less programming effort.


Pascal Macro Compiler

       Welcome to the homepage of the Pascal Macro Compiler. The Pascal Macro Compiler is a preprocessor, or program generator, for the Pascal programming language. The Pascal Macro Compiler produces files of Pascal program code which can then be compiled into executable code using any Pascal compiler for any platform or environment.

       The Pascal Macro Compiler is compatible with all Pascal compilers. The generated Pascal code can be compiled on any system using any Pascal compiler.

       The Pascal Macro Compiler can reduce the amount of work needed to produce Pascal language programs. The Pascal Macro Compiler is particularly valuable for generating repetitious pieces of program code without the overhead of a function or procedure call. You simply write the code once, and then the Macro Compiler generates as many instances and variations of the code as you need.

       Pascal Macro Compiler Release 1.01 is now available.

       Many Pascal compilers have rudimentary macro capabilities, such as {$DEFINE} and {$IFDEF} to control the generation of Pascal code. The Pascal Macro Compiler has a rich set of features, including

»   Integer, Boolean and String constants, variables and expressions
»   NEW Code variable type and Code expressions
»   Arrays and subscript notation
»   NEW Substring notation
»   Types and type conversions
»   Functions and procedures
»   Begin-End and Repeat-Until blocks
»   If, For and While constructs
»   NEW Pascal statement
»   Continue, Break, Exit and Halt statements
»   22 built-in library functions and procedures
»   12 built-in literal constants
»   Macro Include files

       In addition to these features of the Pascal Macro Compiler, we will maintain a library of useful Pascal macros on this website. These macros can be downloaded directly from the website by anyone at any time. They may be incorporated into any Pascal programs free of charge.
       We welcome all questions, comments and suggestions about any aspect of the Pascal Macro Compiler, including the compiler design and specifications, the macro language syntax, compiler features, the User Manual or other documentation, the installation process, or this website. We also welcome contributions of useful Pascal macro functions and procedures. We will make them available for general use through this website.
       A limited number of review copies of the compiler will be made available at no charge to people who will write reviews of the compiler for publication, or who will provide us with feedback. Those who provide valuable comments will continue to get free updates and compiler releases.
       The Pascal Macro Compiler will run on any IBM or compatible PC that runs any version of Windows, including Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP and Windows NT. The generated Pascal code can be compiled anywhere and can run anywhere, PC, Macintosh, Sun, mainframe, Windows, Unix, Linux, VM, you name it. The Pascal Macro Compiler requires less than 1.2 MB of available disk space.

       You can use the following links to see the latest version of the Pascal Macro Compiler User Manual, and examples of working macros. These macros are included on the distribution disk for the macro compiler.

Pascal Macro Compiler Release 1.01 User Manual

       These examples have been chosen to illustrate some of the many ways that the Pascal Macro Compiler can be used. The Compare Decimal macros generate Pascal expressions, the Bit Array macros generate inline Pascal statements, the Sort Generator macro produces Pascal procedures, while the Keyword String macros produce Pascal data structure declarations.

       These macros can make a valuable start for your own library of Pascal macros. For some applications the Keyword String macros, by themselves, are worth the price of the Pascal Macro Compiler.

Bit Array Macros   A set of macros that implement bit arrays (packed boolean arrays) in Pascal.
Bit Sample A sample macro program that uses the Bit Array macros to set and test bits.

Sort Procedure Generator   A flexible macro that generates efficient Pascal sorting procedures.

Compare Decimal Strings   Macros that generate comparisons between integers in string form.

Keyword Strings   Macros that generate a packed or aligned array of strings, with a code or symbol for each string.

Miscellaneous   Macros that generate useful Pascal code, but are not part of any package of macros. Power raises a number to a power. IPower raises a number to an integer power.


Case Study #1:    Crossword Puzzle Construction

Case Study #2:    Video Game Animation



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